A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again VILLAINS! Issue 3 has come to a close and it looks like Matthew is ready to whoop some ass. After all this time he’s finally ready to go home and kill some good guys. It looks like issue 4 is shaping up to be a big one and just this once villains I’m going to give you a hint so you know what to expect. There will NOTĀ  be any talking unicorns (in this issue) but there will be heroes. Lots and lots of heroes or should we call them targets? Hmmm. One more hint you ask? Alright one word but I’m going to jumbleĀ  it, ORDNAGSIEA, if you get it right I’ll send you a dollar. Also in issue 4 you can expect the same high quality art and inks you’ve become accustomed to when reading Villain and I remembered to capitalize the right words this time (with the help of double editing). It’s gonna be tight y’all! Till next time evil-doers!

Nathan Gonzales