Alpha Cast Pic


Power Set: Flight, Augmented Strength, Energy Blasts

Alpha is the hero persona of Matthew Ford. It is his disguise that allows him to infiltrate and gain access to the Heroes. Alpha’s suit is slightly weaker in power than his alternate villain costume.

Omega Cast Pic


Power Set: Flight, Super Strength, Energy Blasts, Shielding, Advanced sighting, Precognitive reflexes, Omega Controller

Omega is the Villain persona of Matthew Ford. Matthew has yet to done this costume in the main story. More details to come.

Galaxy Cast Pic


Power Set: Flight, Super Strength, Laser Blasts from eyes, Near Invulnerability

Galaxy was once the most powerful and beloved of all the super heroes in Legend City and is now the only surviving one. Galaxy was exiled for the last 5 years, but now he is back after a look into the future.

Bliss Cast Pic


Power Set: Flight, Pheromone Control, Power amplifier

Bliss was the emotional core of the heroes of Legend City. Her ability to control emotions was the key to many victories, but it was her inability to control her own emotions  that urged  her to confess to Matthew the truth about his children’s death. That information lead to her demise by Matthew’s hand.

Pride Cast Pic


Power Set: Enhanced speed, Enhanced strength, Enhanced agility

Pride is the measure of what all heroes should want to be. His bravery and heroics have inspired a generation of heroes. He’s been around and has seen many things that have made him suspicious of just about everything over the years, except his best friend Eddie. Pride has a brilliant strategic mind and lighting fast reflexes.

Eddie Cast Pic


Power Set: Flight, Ability to shoot hex bolts from wand

Eddie never had a strong urge to become a hero, but he does like to use his status as one to get laid. He’s lazy and a bit out of shape, but in a pinch he can be a handy guy to have around. He always partners with his best friend, Pride, so he doesn’t have to try too hard.

Noob Cast Pic


Power Set: Alien Shape-shifter

Noob is an alien from another universe sent here from his world to learn from a more civilized planet. He has the ability to shape shift to better blend in with the world and experience all walks of life. He is a kind and noble being with a strong fondness for children.

Jack Cast Pic


Power Set: Super Strength, Enhanced agility, Mastery of knives

Jack is a stoic man with not a lot to say and he chooses to let his actions speak for him. His skills with his custom knives are unmatched and added to his hand-to-hand combat prowess, he’s one of the deadliest men in the world. Not much is known about Jack before he joined the heroes and he likes to keep it that way.

Cross Cast Pic


Power Set: Expert Marksman, Enhanced Agility, Ninja Skills

Cross is a multi-generational hero. It’s a mantle that gets passed on down the line to the worthiest and most deserving…most of the time. This cross however finds himself less then worthy when standing next to a God like galaxy. Being a true marksman, he is an expert not only with his bow, but he can especially hit his mark with his words. Cunning and cock-sure, Cross has always had a chip on his shoulder because of his heritage and has no problem telling you all about it.


Jumbo Cast Pic


Power Set: Ability to increase his size to the maximum threshold of 60 feet, Strength is proportionate to size

Growing up Erik Sayavong had one goal in life, to become a hero. He wanted it so badly he was willing to take experimental drugs to try and gain powers, but it just didn’t work. Discouraged but unwilling to let his dream die, he decided he would take to the streets and maybe stop some muggers to get noticed. Without knowing it, he found himself in the middle of the “Yakuza Wars”. Erik was not only surrounded by his childhood idols, but fighting side by side with them. Erik impressed the heroes with his courage and was asked to join, becoming the leader of the Blue Team. Erik is now living his dream, but a dream can become a nightmare.

Jumbo Cast Pic


Power Set: Ability to change his mass

Theodore Hanipale is no stranger to the name Jumbo. The product of a Samoan father and an African-American mother, he was 300lbs in the 6th grade and by senior year in high school he was 550lbs and a star offensive lineman. He was all set for college until a freak injury in his last game dashed his hopes for a better life. By the time he was finished with rehab, he knew he had missed his window of opportunity. With very little options he had to take a job at a local fast food joint. On his way to work one day he heard some commotion in the alley. It was none other than the notorious P.S. I Love You, running from Pride. As P.S. looked back to see where Pride was, he didn’t see the mammoth of a man that stood in front of him. P.S. crashed into Theodore and hit the ground head first, knocking himself out. He was asked to join the heroes on the spot.

Jumbo Cast Pic


Power Set: Weather control

Rosalena Guerrero’s life has never been easy but that’s never stopped this fiery Latina from doing the right thing. She was first noticed during the “Backdraft” blazes. As fires burned bright and homes went up in smoke, Rosey could be seen with hoses in both hands, making it rain on as many houses as possible. Her bravery earned her spot as a hero.

Jumbo Cast Pic


Power Set: Ice and Frost Generation and Manipulation

Jeff Asher does not have a sad story. He comes from money, he’s a world class athlete and his parents cater to his every whim. So when he decided to become a hero, all it took was a few phone calls and an InvenTECH suit he purchased on Ebay. Jeff has never proven he can care about anybody but himself, so why choose to be a hero? The same reason a man does anything: to impress women.

Jumbo Cast Pic


Power Set: E: Ability to stretch her body to great distances

V: Super Speed

Tara McCrea and Scott Norton have been inseparable since the 4th grade. He loved her with all of his being and she loved him like a brother. On the night Scott decided to profess his love for Tara something terrible happened. Majora invaded Earth! They were able to hide in a building that had already been attacked. As they sat scared and holding one an other, they heard a faint voice coming from some rubble. Scott dug as quickly as possible making a hole for Tara to angle her way down. She reached out grabbing two hands, one, a young boy who had died in the attack and the other, a barely alive Noob. In exchange for saving his life he offered them acceptance into the hero community, but can their love survive it’s toughest challenge yet?

Cross Cast Pic


Technical Genius

Before George Jacobs became The Inventor, he was just a boy with a passion for science. At age 10 he was a certified genius and at 15 was widely considered one of the top 5 smartest people in the world. When he was 23 he had made significant strides in the fields in bio mechanics as well as nano suit technology. With a little private funding he helped to create the first human superhero. Then with a little more funding, he helped create the first human super villain. He continued making suits and arms for both hero and villain alike,to this day the Inventor is responsible for 80% of all heroes and villains in Legend City. The reasons behind his imprisonment have never been made public, it was deemed too sensitive a case for an open trial.

Backdraft Cast Pic


Power Set: Fire Generation and manipulation

Born in Ireland to a large family, Robert O’Meara had only one future career choice, he was to enlist in the Irish National Liberation Army like his father and brothers before him. However, that was not the life he wanted to live. No, Robert wanted to be a SOMEBODY. So he moved to the states with dreams of becoming a big shot, but when he got here he discovered that life is tough all over, especially in Legend City. Broke and homeless, he was approached by a man who wanted him to burn down his house, so he could collect on the insurance payout. That night, Robert struck a match and burned down an entire neighborhood. A star was born, but  life is tough all over.

AK Cast Pic


Power Set: Energy absorption and redirection

Alexi Karloff was born to be the greatest villain to ever live. Born in Moscow, he became the head of the Russian Mafia at the age twelve. By twenty, he was running both Asia and Europe, but was not satisfied with his empire. He wanted to prove he was the greatest of conquers. He chose to come to America and specifically, Legend City. He wanted to battle it’s many heroes and prove his greatness, but they take too much of him over the years. The heroes always stop his plans, but never capture him until the faithful night when he murdered Matthew’s two children.

AK Cast Pic


Power Set: Energy absorption and redirection

Beatrix and Bianca were born on a small island somewhere in the north, where they lived very happily, until a strange man showed up on the island when they were 5. That man lead the twins’ people in a rebellion that left their father as ruler and their mother dead. As payment, the new ruler gave the stranger his most beloved possessions, his daughters. This man told the girls to call him “AK” and to always do as they were told. They were brought up to be AK’s personal bodyguards, concubines, and worshipers.

AK Cast Pic


Power Set: Tactical Genius and adaptability

Shepard is the definition of an evil genius. His tactical brilliance is second to none and add that with his ability to adapt  allows him to always be one step ahead of anyone he is facing. That is, until his failed attempt to take the U.N. building. He walked right into a trap. All it took was one anonymous phone call to bring a mental giant to his knees. Someone must have had a better plan.

AK Cast Pic


Power Set: Super Strength, invulnerability

Jefferson Davis aka Brick House is an athletic marvel. He was all set to become the first three sport professional but was considered a risk off the field because of his temper and poor attitude. Sadly for Brick those attributes only became worse after the suicide of his girlfriend. So what’s a guy with physical gifts and a bad attitude suppose to do to make lots of money? Become a Villain of course!

AK Cast Pic


Power Set: Not much is known about P.S. I Love You’s power set except that he’s VERY good at killing

Not much is known about P.S. I Love You, except that he has the largest known body count of any single individual in human history. He is elusive, wiry and completely psychotic. He enjoys self mutilation as well as mutilating his victims. His real name is unknown. He goes by P.S. I Love You because that is what he writes on the walls with his victims blood. Is there a deeper meaning to it or is just plain nuts? Chances are we may never know.

AK Cast Pic


Power Set: Sorcerer, Master of the dark and mystic arts

David grew up as a member of the “Worshipers of the Fallen Son” cult, along with his mother. On his 15th birthday his mother told him who his real father was, none other then Satan himself. David decided to seek out his father using an ancient ritual he had discovered. Moments after completion of the ritual David saw a bright light and fell into a coma for 6 months. Upon awakening David could not remember what had happened to him, but he did have incredible mystic abilities and a complete understanding of how to use them. Along with that came a message from his father. “Rule them all”.

vex Cast Pic


Power Set: Sorceress, Apprentice of the dark and mystic arts

Vex is a mystery even to herself. Even her given name remains a mystery as well as he place of birth. Vex was plucked from her parents hands by David Lorne himself because of her mystic and psychic potentials. She has been forced to dedicate her life to the training and perfecting of her abilities. She has grown harsh and bitter and dislikes most people she comes into contact with.

AK Cast Pic


Power Set: Alien, Super Strength and Agility, Controllable Poisonous and Corrosive Saliva

Majora Ka Ranchi is alien royalty. She is the next supreme ruler over the twelve galaxies of the Darooks. All she must do before she can rule is conquer 3 planets that have never been conquered before. The first two proved to be no match for her superior weaponry. Her third choice however was filled with superheroes. Majora had never seen beings with such individual power. She was overwhelmed and was taken into custody. Now she must sit in jail waiting for her chance to get back to her people and to rule as she was born to do.

vex Cast Pic


Power Set: Demon, agilty and speed, augmented strength

The demon God from 12 universes away, has only one desire…consume. He ruled 3 planets with an iron fist and an insatiable appetite, until he was overthrown by the “Sleeping Angels” of Trenzor nearly a millennium ago. After his trail he was sentenced to banishment in the Nether Dimension but it was only a few hundred years later that he was rescued by Majora. In gratitude he has pledged his allegiance to her as long as she can provide him with new planets to feast upon.

AK Cast Pic


Power Set: Funaki does not have superhuman powers, he is an expert martial artist and has the entirety of the Japanese Yakuza at his disposal

The head of the Yakuza mafia should not be a man from a fishing village. No, it should be a man from a respected , powerful and distinguished family.So when Sho Funaki wanted to become the most powerful man in Japan, he did it the simple way. He killed all of the bosses and butchered their families. His show of ruthlessness and discipline put him at the front of the line as the Boss of Bosses and no one was willing to challenge him. However, power is a tricky thing to hold once you have it.