NATHAN GONZALES – Creator/Writer

In 1982, the sands of time began to drop. The child known as Nathan Gonzales was born in the small town of Lodi,CA. Nathan had two gifts in life, the ability to tell a story, and a very twisted mind. Eight long years ago, the seed was planted and from that day on THIS story was all he thought about. He now spends his days thinking of new and exciting ways to hurt, torture, maim and kill the good guys. Nathan lives with his wife and three children who have accepted his wickedness. Villain is his first and highly anticipated story in the form of graphic novels. Now the time has come. The sands have all but run out.  Are you ready?

TOBE DARANOUVONG – Co-creator/Artist

Tobe, pronounced “2-B” and not “toe-bee,”  has wanted to draw comics since he picked up Silver Surfer #1 for $1.50 off of Lunar’s orange ice cream truck when he was 9 years old and after seeing how awesome a ninja turtle could be drawn, he set his heart on art. He created his way through school getting a degree in graphic design and illustration as well as Film from Sac State. During a horrific accident  his drawing pencil was fused to his hand and Tobe is now ready to bring this story to life. His favorite artists and influences include the late, great Michael Turner, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Joe Madureira, Mark Brooks, and Ryan Ottley. He currently resides in Sacramento, Ca with his talented and supportive wife, his daughter, who is the apple of his eye, and two tigers.

SHANDA DARANOUVONG – Editor/Business & Marketing

Shanda joins the Villain creative team as editor, business manager and marketing head. She has a BA in English and Theatre from Sacramento State University and loves writing feature film scripts. Her feature film script credits include; “On the Run,” a story set during the turbulent Vietnam War. She brings her marketing experience to the team from Elephant Bar Restaurant where she was the marketing head for over three years.  Shanda lives in Vacaville, California with her talented husband and sweet daughter and is currently a show choir and voice teacher.

LUIS ALONSO – Inker (Issue 8 – Issue 9)

Luis has been reading, drawing and collecting comics since he was a kid. He also has a degree in Commercial Arts. His current favorite comic titles are Uncanny X-Men and Spider-man. His favorite are John Byrne, Neal Adams, Jack Kirby, Whilce Portacio, Jim Lee, Tim Vigil and George Perez. He has worked on several projects with ATP, Speakeasy Comics, the Dable Brothers, Arcana Studios and Bluewaters Productions.

LARRY HAINES – Inker/Colorist (Issues 1-7)

The year 1971, Mr. Haines was born. 1974 He picked up his first crayon and Spider-man coloring book. 1975 He started drawing, specifically superheroes and eventually tracing the characters from the comics. In the year 1989 his parents bought him a drafting table, the one he currently uses today and taking him to the next level. His first comic book was published in 1992. Majoring in graphic design and illustration at Sacramento State University and graduating in 1996. Soon after, he worked for a local design firm continuing his art career. Currently, Larry lives in Sacramento with his three daughters and cat, drawing, inking, and coloring comics.