A Villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains. So it appears all is not what it seems in Legend City. The Henchmen, who just pledged their loyalty to Matthew, are now reporting back to their true masters. But what’s the Inventor’s role in all this and why is he going behind Matthew’s back? What bad experience did Brick have in a cave? And why does everyone fear P.S. I Love You? I wish I could just tell you Villains not to worry, that everything is going to be just fine, but we know better don’t we? Yes, we do because we’re smart. Smart and good looking. Smart, good looking, and talented. Smart, good looking, talented and have great taste in online graphic novels. So that’s good. I may have derailed a bit there so I’ll call it. Till next time evil-doers!

Nathan Gonzales

Our buddies over at Reality Comics are running an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their awesome comics website. Part of the rewards for pledging your money are printed issues of VILLAIN  1-3, as well as commissions from VILLAIN artist, Tobe Daranouvong. Help support them and go check out their crowd funding campaign to create the first comic book centric social hub for stores, professionals and enthusiasts. There’s a month left in their campaign and any help would be appreciated. Reality Comics IndieGoGo.

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