A Villainous note from the Editor

Namaste, VILLAINS! I hope everyone is having a very villainous week!! We are, here at  VILLAIN HQ!! We have some HUGE VILLAIN announcements coming up in May, so hold on to your shorts. It’s going to be the Summer of VILLAIN!! Did I mention that we currently have VILLAIN 1-3 available on this website? That’s right. You can get your copies right here, right now! We also have t-shirts too! Head to the VILLAIN store and pick up yours up today!!

Today, Majora meets up with Sonnellion to discuss some alien business. I can’t understand a word either of them are saying. Nathan must’ve been abducted at some point. I’m convinced. I’m not quite sure what they actually did to him, but I’m sure it’s something very villainous and involves insertion in a very uncomfortable place. Like the back of a Volkswagen.Have a great Wednesday, VILLAINS!
Shanda Daranouvong

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