A Villainous note from the Guest Cover Artist

My name is Fredrick Allison Jr. I am an artist from Scattered Comics. As well as being the co-writer/artist of Hybrid Earth Noir, I am also the regular artist for the webcomic series “Lylith and Mara” and CK Comics title, “Tomorrow.” In approaching this Villain Variant Cover, as well as my previous contribution, I imagined the world and characters of Villain to be part of a Heist-style, Guy Ritchie movie. I see motley crew of colorful bad guys who’ve probably joined forces out of pure circumstance. I see moving panels that each depict a small, yet important part of the overall “Heist.” Accompanied by some retro, crime film music, this is what I imagined. (Think, the intro of a Charlie’s Angels Episode meets the Suicide Squad). I hope that I am able to capture the spirit and emotion of the overall universe created by the awesome crew at Villain Comics. Thanks for allowing me to contribute to the this body of work. For more samples of my work, please visit¬†scatteredcomics.com / check me out on instagram @art.of.fredrick / or on facebook.

Fredrick Allison Jr.

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