A Villainous note from the  Artist

Greetings VILLAINS! Well how the hell are you all?! I hope you’ve been enjoying the variant covers! I know you have all been itching to dive into Issue 13 but believe me it has been a gift to me because I get to get ahead on the pages and ensure that you continue to get 2 pages a week! So, you’ll have to bear with it one more week and enjoy one of the most bad ass covers for the series ever! This is the second cover I did for issue 13 and definitely one of my favorites. We have had some amazing feedback on the book and the design of the Omega costume, (thank you, thank you!) I promise you that the pages are worth the wait. Next update will be the title page because we give credit where it’s due. Thank you to all the artists who contributed to the issue and I hope to see you at Grape City Con this weekend. KILL EM ALL!!!!!!

Tobe Daranouvong

Our next show is Grape City Con on February 13 in Lodi, CA!! Alpha Q Comics goes back to it’s roots in the Central Valley once again! The world famous VILLAIN Raffle makes it’s debut this year at the Grape Festival grounds! Hope to see you there!

The VILLAIN team

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