A Villainous note from the  Artist

Greetings VILLAINS! Here we go! Main continuity continues now! First a little recap!

Previously on, VILLAIN:
After finding out that the Inventor is only using him as a means to an end, Alpha/Matthew sends the Henchmen on unimportant missions while he and Backdraft tend to a different mission. Alpha intends to KILL THEM ALL! The Omega suit is finally revealed but it isn’t Matthew who puts on the costume. It’s Backdraft. Before they assault the prison, Alpha gives the Inventor one last chance to stick to the original plan but Inventor just laughs in his face. Alpha gives Backdraft the go ahead and he begins to systematically kill the Super Villains by burning them to a crisp. With only two main Super Villains left, Alpha traps the Inventor in his cell and joins Backdraft where he comes face to face with AK, the Villain that sent Alpha down the path he’s on.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Origin stories and the covers from the guest artists! Now we get to go back to the main story, the reason why we’re all here in the first place. Here is Issue 13 of VILLAIN!

Tobe Daranouvong

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