A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings Villains! I’m sure you all missed me, the whole 2 of you that actually read our blogs. I missed you too! If you’re joining us now and wondering what the hell Alpha is doing at his old apartment, he’s trying to figure out the next steps in his plan.  The recent extermination of the Super villains, who were in prison, was an impromptu move incited by The Inventor. Matthew needed to teach him a lesson. The Inventor’s hubris got the best of him and now his plans are foiled. Matthew now doesn’t know the best way  to proceed in getting his revenge on  the heroes. His resource in The Inventor is now gone. He has successfully infiltrated the heroes and is a part of their young team, is being mentored by Galaxy, has the best InvenTech Gear, is now leading the Henchmen, and has taken Eddie Wizard and Pride out of the picture. He still has a slew of heroes to go through. We know  that he successfully does it, but as of now we are left just as much in the dark as Matthew is. His next step will have  to propel him full bore into villainy and it won’t be pretty for anyone.

Tobe Daranouvong

Thanks for reading VILLAINS! We here at Villain HQ hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday celebrating when the white man came and gave smallpox and other various diseases to the Native Americans! In all seriousness, please have a wonderful time with your families. Eat and be merry! If you are planning on going out for Black Friday, just remember to be excellent to one another. It’s not worth getting stabbed in the side because someone wants a $1 towel. These are just material things in your life. Remember what’s really important. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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