A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings, Villains! Backdraft finally gets a little love. This may be the only time you see Backdraft getting somewhat of a compliment. Well, we know he’s still alive in the present so I think that’s praise enough! He DID just kill all but one of those¬† villains himself, pretty badass in my book.

I just want to thank Shane Will for having the team out to Chico-Con this past weekend! It’s always a blast at that show and we were also fortunate enough to have a panel there as well. Thanks again for having Alpha Q Comics and the VILLAIN team represent!

Next up we have Colossus Con in Merced, CA where we will be special guests! Tobe Daranouvong is working on a project with re-known fantasy author Davidson L Haworth. Keep your eyes and ears open for that as the year goes on. We have some exciting things brewing in our corner of the world! Thanks for reading, we’ll see you next update!

Tobe Daranouvong

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