A Villainous note about the Guest Cover Artist

Sharon Gauthier, the freelance comic artist from the cradle of Canada!

Carefully crafted from a family of artists (including great great great grandfather Telari-o-lin, Sharon has been drawing recognizable things from the tender age of 3 and has yet to be stopped!

She’s done sketch card work for Viceroy Cards, Monsterwax, Chadpops and Upper Deck (including the infamous Vibranium set), As well as comic work for Jason Grunert (Writer for i-Mockery), Adam Prosser and Mike Levine (Writer for The Onion) for the Strange Romance Anthology Vol. 1 and a mini-issue of Auric of the Great White North for Great North Comics.

Webcomics : Bootleg Cookie , Irritated Replayer



Hub (That’s where you get all the links and get to look at her stuff.)

She got to sit in the Batmobile.

It was boss.




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