A Villainous note from the Artist

Greeting Villains! So this week is kind of special. Today, we normally have a regular page update but it’s the title page because we believe in giving credit where credit’s due. The reason I say it’s going to be special is because we are posting page 1 of Villain 15 on Friday! So for at least this week we will be back to our two updates! Next week we will be going back to one page, at least until I finish up this super secret project that I am working on. I wish I could share more with you but all I can say is that is will be releasing worldwide sometime this year! And it may or may not include a partnership with a well known Fantasy writer.

Back to Villain 15. This issue is titled, “Matthew No More.” It’s the penultimate issue leading up to the end of the second story arc. Things are about to heat up and I mean real quick. Omega will finally show up. No, not just the suit, and no it won’t be Backdraft in the suit. It will be the true Omega. The same man who is Alpha. The same man that you have been reading about since we launched this book. It is Matthew and any shred of goodness that he’s held on to this whole time will be ripped away.

Tobe Daranouvong

We have yet to confirm our store signing this month but have no fear! When we do secure the date we will definitely share it all over our social media channels as well as update the website with the information. Thanks for reading VILLAINS! We’ll see you next update.

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