A Villainous note from the Writer

Nathan Gonzales

At the end of the month, we have one of our most favorite comic shows ever, Chico-Con! Which is an awesome 3 days this year. We will unfortunately only be able ¬†to make 2 of the days but still awesome considering it was only 1 day before! We will also be having a panel at the show just like we have the past two years! We were hoping to have issue 6 in print going to the show, but things don’t always work out the way you plan. Hopefully, you make it and attend our panel because we will be holding the World Famous VILLAIN raffle during the panel and giving away some awesome VILLAIN swag including T-Shirts, custom sketches, prints and more! You do not want to miss Chico-Con this year! It’s one of the few shows left that focuses on comic books and art and not old celebrities to bring out the crowds. This show brings out the crowds that love comics and understand that this is the medium that had the stories first before Hollywood.

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