A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings Villains! The heroes are falling apart! With only 7 more issues of VILLAIN left we all know that they are going to be D.E.A.D. Usually with the first issue of an arc there’s a lot of exposition, a lot of explaining, and not a whole lot death just yet but just you wait, VILLAINS, the climax of this story is just building up and I can’t wait for it to come to a point where Galaxy and Omega battle it out! It’ll be like Neo vs Agent Smith, Invincible vs Omniman, me vs a good night’s sleep! EPIC!! Last weekend, I was at Campbell Con flying solo and want to thank everyone for coming out in support. It looks like that may be our last show of the year but have no fear! We have a lot of shows coming up and your chance to pick up the issues you don’t have. It’s getting closer and closer to us launching a Kickstarter to fund the books being turned into graphic novels! When you see it up be sure to tell all your friends about it! Every little thing helps! We’ll see you next week for the spooky update! We may or may not post directly on Halloween but we hope you all have a safe villainous time stealing your own kids’ candy! Have a great week!

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