A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings Villains! It’s SDCC week and Nathan is on location in San Diego. Be on the lookout for videos being posted to our social media pages! Be sure to go follow us! SDCC has always been known for the massive crowds and the biggest reveals in all things comics and pop culture. Every film studio, toy and comic companies, game studios, and more are there and they always reveal the next cool thing that will be comic out in the following year. There is always a buzz when it’s comic con week. We wish Nathan well and hopes he can show us some cool stuff! I did see that NECA is going to have a set of the original movie TMNT figures and I WANT! They need to be added to my collection. They look so sick, go check them out. There will be a lot of exciting news being shared this week and I’m stoked. Thank you for reading VILLAIN and we’ll see you next update.!

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