A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings Villains! Apologies for the late page but I’ve been painting my ass off all weekend. It takes a lot of work keeping up a villainous headquarters. I had to make sure all of my doomsday devices were up to par and ready for the day Team Villain and I take over the world. Why does it always seem that every fucking weekend just flies by so fast? If I had my way I would just stay home all week and just make comics. I would just draw and beatbox all damn day and I would get paid for it handsomely. Even better, if I could just do nothing and get paid that would be the life. I’m just saying what we all want. Don’t kid yourself about it. If you found a way to get paid a ton of money every second of every day you would lavish in the life. I mean, all you have to do is invent something that humanity uses on a daily basis and get paid for it but I digress. That’s everyone’s dream but you do have to put in the work initially. I’m just rambling now, I’m pretty sure all but 2 of you even read these blogs. We’ve been working on this book now for a long time and it’s about time we threw up a Kickstarter so we can get some graphic novels printed. I expect the two of you to pledge. Keep your eye out for the campaign!

Tobe Daranouvong

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