A Villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains! Shit it’s been a while! I hope you all had a good Christmas or whatever you celebrate and a happy new years. Mine was good, pretty slow, I got a pony and a Malibu Barbie. But I digress, a lot has happened since last we spoke Villains and a lot is about to happen. Matthew has finally made the biggest leap on his rampage of revenge…introductions. It’s hard for people to piss themselves at the sight if you if they’ve never see you.   Also on the list of “Shit that happened that I totally missed”(tm) We, I mean all of us, hit 5 million hit on this beautiful website. Holy shit Villains! I can’t thank you all enough and I hope it’s not just because of the fantastic artwork. Lots of twists and turns are still to come, this story is only just warming up, I’m going to fucking kill it….for all of you! Till next time evil-doers!

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