A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings Villains! I hope that some of you have stayed warm through this polar vortex! And if any of you left any of your animals out in that cold, I wish you a worst fate than our boy Noob here. I’m one of those people who doesn’t cry at the movies when people are dying or are in peril. But as soon as you swap that person with an animal my waterworks will turn on! Be good humans and take care of your family, because that’s what our pets are: family! To say that January was one of the tougher months is an understatement. Not only is it cold but it feels like there’s never enough time in the day. Work has been crazy, life has been crazy and I hope that in the coming months, it’s not as crazy anymore but we all know that’s not going to happen. Thank you for coming to check us out every week Villains. Have a great weekend!!

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