A Villainous note from the Guest Artist

Hello –

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ruben Vera and I’m an artist from Chico, California currently working on Tales of Scarcity with my brother Daniel Vera.

I was super stoked to be invited to draw a variant cover for villain #18.
I had a lot of fun drawing it, thanks guys.

With that being said, let me tell you a story…
February 1984 was the year that espcomix was born. As I walked through the comic book shop with a crisp $20 dollar bill my mom gave me and my little brother to split. We proceeded picking out the comics that we would buy that day. I stumbled upon some amazing comic books. Needless to say, me and my baby brother became regulars at the comic shop along with my good friends. We all loved comic books. Me my little brother Daniel, Brian, Vic and Jim used to play our own made-up role-playing games where we made fantastic worlds and characters. There’s a little bit of all those guys in the soul of espcomix.(Love you guys) so me and my brother would ask my uncle David,  “can you draw me Wolverine, can you draw Spiderman for me, can you draw me a picture of Sabertooth?” Eventually he got tired of drawing for us (we did keep him pretty busy with all the characters that we loved and wanted him to draw for us ) he finally said, “ here why don’t I show you how to draw.” So he did and we learned. Jim and I made a comic in seventh grade that got stolen (it was that good Lol). Jim had the writing chores and I did the drawings. I was hooked! Me and little brother said, “man I want to do this when I grow up!” And that’s how it all started, espcomix, a new Mythos, the end the beginning…Tales of scarcity.

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