A villainous note from the Inker

Greetings Villainous Fans!!!  You’re Intrepid Inker here!!!  Thank you for the continued support on our work!!  If you’re like me, you can’t wait until the next page and it can’t get here soon enough!!  I get so excited when Tobe sends me a freshly penciled page, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!  What the heck does an inker do?  Well, contrary to popular opinion, the inker is NOT just a tracer!  True, we trace over the original pencil lines, BUT!  If we published Tobe’s pencils without me inking them, there would be little shadowing, and the line work would be too light,  but let’s be clear!  I don’t change the original pencils, it’s my job to enhance them!

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Larry Haines