A villainous note from the Editor

Villainous greetings, VILLAIN nation!

Today, page 13 of Issue #2 is up and we see Matthew at one of the lowest points in his life. What will he be pushed to do? Does Bliss have a right to even be there? What would you do if you stood face to face with one of the killers of your children?

We hear stories on the news all the time about parents who seek revenge for their dead children. One that always pops into my mind is of a little boy who was raped and murdered while at summer camp. During the trial of the killer, the mother, while on the witness stand, looks her son’s killer in the eye, pulls out a gun and blows him away. She later said in an interview that she had no reason to live without her only child and would gladly spend the rest of her life in prison knowing that her son’s killer was brought to justice. After this incident, all courthouses were required to have metal detectors installed. Would you give your life away for revenge as this mother did? Can we expect the justice system to protect the lives of the innocent? What if justice is not served and a murderer walks free? When pushed to that point are we all capable of taking justice into our own hands? Does that then make you a VILLAIN or a HERO?


Shanda Daranouvong