A villainous note from the Artist

Greetings, VILLAINS!

Here we are with  page 22 which brings us back around to what is happening now. We’ve learned a lot about Matthew’s past so far but have yet to find out how his powers were acquired. What has happened to him would be enough for me to kill some superheroes!  As he gets hauled off to jail one can’t help but wonder who else has a hand in helping him out. Keep in mind that the events that have happened in this issue take place about 10 years ago. You should also notice that even though the flashback timeline has a certain color palette, all the blood is colored how it should be. The trail of blood that Matthew leaves will be apparent throughout the entire VILLAIN series as he exacts his revenge on the heroes that have destroyed his life. I hope you’re ready for VILLAIN #3 because Matthew’s journey gets much more interesting!

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Tobe Daranouvong