A villainous note from the artist

Happy Thanksgiving week VILLAINS!

Page 5 is here! We meet most of the HERO team here minus two, Eddie Wizard and Pride, who you got a glimpse of in Issue #1.  You all know Galaxy but we’re excited to bring you more on these so-called Heroes. Ladies and gentlemen I give you NOOB, CROSS, BLISS and JACK KNIFE. Stay tuned to find out what happens next. Take note that from the last panel of the last page, the Heroes’ eyes are glowing.  You will find out why soon enough.

There will be more additions to the GALLERY within the coming weeks featuring these characters so keep us bookmarked. If there are any artists out there please feel free to draw any of the VILLAIN characters and send it to us. We will feature your drawing in the fan art section of website!

Thank you for reading and have a very villainous day and a food induced coma during the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Tobe Daranouvong