A villainous note from the Inker

INSIDIOUS INKER LARRY here!!  I LOVE the creepy  old man, with the stringy dirty hair and glasses, named The Inventor!  I like how he may have been put in the prison by the “heroes” to shut him up.  It really makes one think why the title of our book is called VILLAIN!!  Is it about Ford and his rise as a villain, or is it to spotlight how the heroes are the ACTUAL villains of our story, and Ford, perhaps, is just a victim?  I know what I would feel if I lost a loved one,  but to loose ONE’S own children!  What would you be willing to do to gain your revenge on the people responsible?  I mean, C’MON!!  One of those heroes could have just stuck their hand out and grabbed at least ONE of the kids!!!  Read on…

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Larry Haines