A villainous note from the Editor

Hello VILLAINS! It’s another villainous Wednesday and you know what that means. We have page 15 of Issue #3 up and waiting for you today.

In this page, we see Matthew begin his training to become the ultimate VILLAIN. Honestly, I love seeing Matthew get the crap beat out of him even though he has already had the crap beat out of him emotionally. It symbolizes the start of his villainous journey to become OMEGA and take down the heroes responsible for ruining his happy existence. Who better to train him than Legend City’s best bad guys?

Deep down we all want to kick some ass sometimes. I suppose that is the VILLAIN that lives inside of us all. Most choose not to let that VILLAIN out, but when pushed to a point of no return, we will strike and rely on the training we have. As nice as I may seem, if pushed to that point, I will execute with a deadly punch. So watch out VILLAINS because this editor doesn’t mess around. LOL!

Have a villainous day and continue to rule the world, VILLAINS!

Shanda Daranouvong