A villainous note from the Editor

It’s VILLAIN Friday and we hope that everyone had a very villainous 4th of July yesterday!

As always, today you are in for a treat. Who is this mysterious voice that The Inventor is talking to? Does he control all of the VILLAINS of Legend City or is it  The Inventor? Which VILLAIN is he?

The wait is almost over for the VILLAIN Origin Series. Our first Origin story will give you a look at Eddie Wizard and Pride. These two are a very dynamic duo and two of my absolute favorites. The second Origin story will be Part One of Galaxy, Legend City’s most loved hero. This Origin is my favorite so far and gives us an in depth look at who the real Galaxy is. These Origin stories were designed to give the VILLAIN readers a better understanding of our supporting characters and because the supporting characters are just so villainously awesome.

We also are making the VILLAIN Exclusive Ashcan available on the website for you to purchase. This is a twenty page, full color ashcan with exclusive convention sketches of the Legend City VILLAINS and heroes and the first six pages of Issue #2. We are offering this exclusive to our VILLAIN fans, so be sure to scoop this up today for your collection.

Enjoy and comment below to let the VILLAIN Team know what you have loved about Issue #4.

Shanda Daranouvong