A villainous note from the Inker

Happy Villainous Friday!!  Your Insidious Inker here!  Don’t forget to stop by Big WOW comic con in San Jose this weekend!!!!  And lets be honest people!  Who DOESN’T like a good butterfly knife!  Anyone ELSE cut themselves on one trying to make it dance, like I did as a kid?  My cousin brought one over to my house, I was about 13.  He showed me how to “flip” it.  I “flipped” it once, it cut my knuckles open.  I’d rather watch it “on screen” in the comics thanks!!!

Big Wow! starts TOMORROW! The Villain booth will be Booth #AA138 along the left wall when you enter the convention center. Big Wow will be held on May 18-19 at the San Jose Convention center in San Jose, Ca. If you come by the booth and mention that you heard about it from the website or our Facebook page you will receive some exclusive free swag! Come on down and support comics!

Larry Haines