A villainous note from the Inker

“Hey Y’all.  We got some bad guys that need taking down.  It might be a good idea to do somethin’.  I don’t know…”  Your INSIDIOUS INKER here!!!!!  I love the idea of this dis-embodied head spouting orders from a TV and the heroes just JUMP!!  Noob comes on the boob tube and let’s them know that danger’s afoot!  I wonder if they get the 49ers on that set!?!

Make sure you go to The Weekly Weekday  and catch the latest podcast entitled, “Have you ever heard a hippo fart.” Around the 20 min mark they call our beloved artist Tobe Daranouvong and talk to him about what’s coming up for VILLAIN! Check it out!

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Have a villainous day!

Larry Haines