A villainous note from the Editor

It’s VILLAIN Friday and today we learn some of the rules when taking down a 3-5-5. It’s good we know some of the rules just in case we are ever face to face with a 3-5-5 of our own. I know that I see 3-5-5’s almost everyday when driving to work, so this information is not only cool to see in a comic, but valuable in my life. The only rule I would struggle with is the “watching your language” rule. The first thing I do when I see a 3-5-5 is scream, “Fuck! It’s a dragon.” I’m right there with you, Matthew.

We have some exciting VILLAIN events coming up. We will be a special guest at Fresno Toy Collectors Expo on November 3rd. If you’re in the area or would like to travel to meet the VILLAIN team and get your hands on a SIGNED copy of Issue #1, this is where you can find us. Tell them VILLAIN sent you! We will also be appearing at Sac. Con in December, so mark your calenders and we’ll see you there.

Have a villainous weekend and remember to tell all of your friends about VILLAIN.

“I’m such a super geek when it comes to VILLAIN. I swear to God, it’s the greatest thing. It’s so up my alley. I’m such a fan!” -The Weekly Weekday

Shanda Daranouvong