A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again VILLAINS! Well, the fucking dragon ate them, the end. Okay probably not, but you never know. I’m unpredictable that way. Just take a look at the way Alpha and Galaxy are working together as a team. Knowing what you the reader knows, did you ever think you would see that happen? See, unpredictable. Also did you think that a 3-5-5 would be a bad ass dragon? Unpredictable! Now you know that there’s more than just Heroes and Villains in Legend City, but also a touch of the supernatural. Did you also know I’m terrible at coming up with a third thing for lists? Once again, unpredictable ( to most of you). All I’m saying is, the more you think you have the answers, the more I’m going to change the questions. Till next time evil-baloney sandwiches! HA HA UNPREDICTABLE!!

On Sunday Nov. 3, 2013 VILLAIN is going to be a special guest at the Fresno Collectors Expo in Fresno, Ca! Come on out to meet the Villain team and score your signed copy of Villain #1 before they are sold out!

Nathan Gonzales