A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains! Today’s page is an exciting deconstruction of the modern era protagonist and his struggle with his post expressionistic blah blah blah, no not really Villains. In fact, I had to look most of those words up, but it’s page one of this issue¬† and I can’t give too much away.¬† So, since I can’t tell you much about the page, let me tell you about what you’re going to see in Issue 6. We are going to explore a little of the present day world of Legend City. Also, we get to learn a lot more about one of my favorite characters, Backdraft, and how he fits into Matthew’s plan. Oh yeah, and you just might meet some new friends. So basically you’re going to get a shit ton of BADASSERY! Is that a word? I’m not looking it up. If it’s not I’m trademarking it, TM bitches! Till next time evil-doers!

You still have a chance to get Villain #1, so order today! VILLAIN will be at Sac-Con in Sacramento, Ca on December 8th selling Issue 1, prints, ashcans and our artists Tobe and Larry will be taking commissions! If you want to get a personalized drawing for that special someone, come on down to the show!

Nathan Gonzales