A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again VILLAINS and Happy New Year to you. If you’re like me you are probably suffering from a gnarly hangover but fear not Villains cause we got the cure for what ails you. So sit back, relax, drink some Gatorade and take an aspirin, then take a nap. Wake up and take a shower, get the smell of vomit out of your hair, ( I don’t know how it got there but it stinks) eat something greasy, then sit your sexy ass in front of your computer. While you’re waiting for the best web-comic in the world to load, you really should take a look at the pictures all your friends posted online. I really didn’t think anybody could do that with a llama, but you really proved me wrong. After that, click back over and check out today’s bitchin’ new page featuring Alpha and Backdraft. Enjoy it, love it, and re-read it once the room slows back down. Now, I’m going back to bed. Till next time evil-doers!

Nathan Gonzales