A villainous note from the Artist

Greetings, VILLAINS! Happy hump day to you! This week’s updates will bring us to an end of Issue 6 and the tale of how Backdraft came into Matthew’s plan. It has also introduced us to some baddies that the Inventor claims are Matthew’s to command, but judging by what Brick House is saying in this page, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be too easy. The first panel is one of my most favorite shots of Brick. He just looks so bad-ass, ready to deal whatever pain he can. There are only two more issues till the end of the first story arc! Stick with us Villains, next week Issue 7 starts! Have a villainous day!

On Sunday, February 16 VILLAIN will be a special guest at the Fresno Collector’s Expo, at the University Square Hotel in Fresno, CA! Come on down to get some free swag, meet the Villains behind VILLAIN and if you don’t have a copy of Issue 1 yet, here’s your chance! Issue 2 is going to the presses soon and you know what that means: It’s going to be taken off of the website! So come out and support Indy comics!!!

Tobe Daranouvong