A villainous note from the Artist

He’s got the whole world, in his hands. He’s got the whole wide world in his hands! Greetings VILLAINS! That’s exactly what I was singing when I drew this cover to Issue 7. Feast your eyes on the glory that is issue 7’s cover and let it wet your appetite for the upcoming match up: ALPHA VS BRICK HOUSE! Villains just don’t work for someone blindly, even though they’ve been told to. You have to prove your worth. You have to earn your keep. How will Matthew fare against such a big powerful opponent? So far, not so well, although he did get sucker punched! Oh those rascally VILLAINS, you never know when they’ll sneak up and punch the shit out of you! Enjoy the cover, next update our very own scribe, Nathan enlightens your minds with some VILLAIN Q and A! Have a villainous day!!

Tobe Daranouvong