A villainous note from the Artist

CHOOOOOOM!!!! Greetings VILLAINS! Today we see Matthew unleash some of the Alpha suits capabilities on Brick House. I don’t think Brick knew who he was messing with and he is most definatly going to regret saying the things he has said over the last few pages. So, here is a feast for your eyes. I loved drawing this page, let’s see if I could convince Nathan to write an entire issue with nothing but full page splashes!

The VILLAIN team would like to thank each and every person who came by the VILLAIN booth at Sac-Con this past weekend. It was VILLAIN’S best show yet! Thank you for the support and keep reading because Issue 8 is coming up and it’s HUGE. Speaking of issue 8, we are still looking for variant cover submissions, so send those in by deadline if you want a shot of having your published on a VILLAIN book. Have a villainous day!!

Tobe Daranouvong