A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains! I give to you at long last, page 1 of issue #8. Till next time evil-doers! What do you mean I have to write more? Of course that’s enough. They already know it’s going to be awesome. Yes, I know we have to hammer it down but these people trust us to deliver. No, I don’t know why. Well, what else should I say? Oh yeah, that thing I did that time. That’s brilliant.  Hello again Villains! Are you curious about my views on the new Spider-Man movie? Do you want to hear some inside news from the Villain World? Then you should give a listen to the Weekly Weekday podcast. It tastes good and is good for you. Till next time evil-doers! How’s that? Yeah, I thought that was good too. I really liked that Villain World thing. I should trademark that. Wait, am I still typing? Shit. I’m not too worried , they’ve probably stopped reading by now. I’ll just end it. Hello again Villains! (Something clever here) Till next time evil-doers!

Nathan Gonzales

VILLAIN is going to be at Big WOW! Comicfest May 17-18 in San Jose, Ca!

It will be held at the San Jose Convention Center. Swing by booth 521C!! Get your villainous swag!