A villainous note from the Editor

Namaste, VILLAINS!! It is I, your illustrious editor. And now apparently, my evil, villainous side is shining through. After all, you know that I have been holding Nathan hostage for almost two years. My mission is simple: to conquer and destroy all that get in my way just like Matthew. *Evil laugh* Conquer and destroy. Can you believe Eddie and Pride are walking into this as a casual meeting? They are about to get handled. And of course, I only have the readers’ best interest in mind while holding Nathan hostage. I must do this to bring VILLAIN to you twice a week. That’s right. It’s all for the VILLAIN Nation! However, he does cost a lot to feed and clean up after, so please send donations to shanda@villain-comic.com.

Any little bit helps. *evil laugh*

Shanda Daranouvong