A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings my vile, villainous friends!!  Here we are! The High-Low!! One of EnP’s signature moves! Kudos to Eddie Wizard for doing all with one arm! That’s hero status right there! I’ll tell you what though, I am certainly not envious of Alpha’s position right now. I could go my entire life without getting sit down power-bombed like that! That’s some internal bleeding right there! Legend City’s dynamic duo has been doing this for a while, but we know the motivation and resolve of good old Alpha. Let’s see what he does from here. Is he down and out?

Did any of you faithful readers make it down to San Diego for SDCC? Did you find Nathan? Well, now that the big show is over, we switch gears back to my home town! In two weeks, Stockton-Con is about to once again be invaded by VILLAINS! The Villain team will be there selling some exclusive merchandise, t-shirts and comics! Put it on your calender now! August 9-10th, Stockton Arena, Stockton, Ca! See you there!!

Tobe Daranouvong