A Villainous note from the Editor

Namaste, VILLAINS!! It is your very villainous editor here and I’m spreading the news that VILLAIN is back with TWO pages a week! That’s right, VILLAINS!
Today, we have old buddy boy, Cross spilling the hero talk to the Legend City public. They just buy right in too. Hmmmm….Kind of sounds like today’s politicians, but that’s a whole other blog. Anyways, here’s Cross and of course, the VILLAIN Team.
This Sunday you can meet the VILLAIN Team in Lodi, CA at Grape City Con. That’s right, we’ll be “stuck in old Lodi again.” Here’s your chance to win a villainous prize. Stop by the VILLAIN booth and sing the Lodi song by Creedence Clearwater to us and you’ll instantly win something FREE from the VILLAIN vault. We’ll see you there!

Have a very villainous week!

Shanda Daranouvong

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