A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings VILLAINS! Wow! Want an awesome statue featuring Pride and Eddie Wizard! I hope all of the dead heroes were nice to pigeons when they were still alive! Real talk though, I really miss Pride and Eddie. They were some of the first characters I designed of VILLAIN and so much fun to draw. One of my favorite issues is VILLAIN 8 where we get to witness their deaths. They truly were the “good” heroes in our story. They figured out Matthew’s plan and paid a heavy price for it. Too bad they were always going to be killed in the story. They had a great friendship, a heartfelt origin, and were just kick ass guys. They just couldn’t beat Matthew. He is, after all, the greatest super villain ever. Maybe after all is said and done with the story, we could maybe revisit them with their own series! I would be very interested to see the many adventures they’ve been on before their untimely demise at the hands of Alpha/Omega. Pride is still one of my favorite designs for any hero ever. Such a badass. The unveiled statue(s) has a lot more going on with it which you will see in the next few pages. As we continue to run out of bodies, you will see how Matthew takes care of the remaining heroes. These guys WILL NOT be as easy as the young team was. How long will Matthew’s ruse continue to fool the heroes? Are they really that dense and arrogant? The easy answer is yes. The title of this Volume IS called Kill em all. We’ll see you next update villains!!!

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