A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings VILLAINS! Why is there an update on a Tuesday??? We’re going to do things a bit differently this week villains. Today’s update is just the title page. We believe that we should give credit where credit’s due. I want to give a massive shout out to the artists that contributed with variant covers for VILLAIN 17. Big ups to the insidious caricature artist Larry Haines and the Scattered twins Noel Serrato and Jason Dube. We truly appreciate you guys and will never tire of sharing your talent with the VILLAIN fans. It’s almost like a dream that we are about to start the final chapter of the VILLAIN story. There has always been a beginning, middle, and end. You can expect the first page of issue 17 to be posted on THURSDAY. Things are about to be put into high gear as the two timelines in our story start to get closer and closer together. To all of you VILLAINS who keep coming back week after week and supporting our book and to the fans who own each printed issue of VILLAIN, we salute you. You guys and gals are the real MVPs. We’ll see you next update where Nathan will entertain you. Possible with a pole dance. See you Thursday!

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