A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings again my vile, voracious and vigilant friends! Lucky you, you get to read a blog from me twice this week! What? That’s right VILLAINS! Double dose of 2B is what’s on the menu. I see that at least 2 of you read my blog last update. Congrats to the pair of you for not waking up with the taste of balls in your mouth! So, how’d you guys and gals like Backdraft’s origin story? Seems to me that he’s always getting dicked around and it gives me a little pleasure knowing what we’ve got store for the Irishman.

Now we switch gears to our second tale in this origin series: Brick House and Jack Knife! Now, I know all of you are used to seeing Brick House, he’s been a major player within the last few issues of the comic but Jack Knife is someone who you have only seen in a few places. He WAS one of the heroes involved in the incident involving Matthew’s children and I believe the last time we saw him, he was mingling at Heroes HQ way back in issue 5. Well, we are bringing you both of these characters because they have a history with one another that is sure to impact the future continuity in VILLAIN. Now, I don’t normally praise myself, I am usually very humble about everything I do, but damn I LOVE this cover!!! It’s probably one of my favorite covers for anything VILLAIN related since we started the comic. I think the image itself speaks volumes on the relationship between the two and that they both look pretty bad-ass. So I leave you with that VILLAINS. A pretty cover you can stare at until we update next Wednesday and give you a little insight on Brick and Jack Have a villainous week!

Tobe Daranouvong

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