A Villainous note from the Inker

Hi Villains,
How is everyone enjoying these origins of your favorite Villain characters?
 Villain has been and still is a labor of love for Tobe and company for many years, so these characters are near and dear to them for a long time. I just recently came on board and little by little am seeing glimpses of how these characters operate….and its not pretty! A very dark and gritty in your face world, where if superheroes truly existed would be just like ours in many ways. Mind you, there would still be your boyscouts thinking, “With great power comes great blah, blah, blah,” but wouldnt it be fun to break the rules every now and then, get your way whenever you wished.I dont mean to be a total ass all the time, but to know you have the power to do whatever the hell you wanted and get away with it, now that my friend is true power.
Now that I rambled a bit(sounded like a movie pitch, only thing missing was the “Coming to a theater” part, so let me take it down a notch, jajajaja. Tobe & Company have given us this opportunity to look inside this special world, and I for one like what I see. How about you?
Like always any questions or comments are greatly appreciated…Thanks and enjoy the show!


Luis Alonso

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