:Woodstock:  A Villainous note from the Inker

You know Halloween is coming when we start seeing the candy and costumes from the previous years that didn’t sell going up around Labor day. In some stores theres an orgy of holidays smashed together. They should just promote it as Hallogivingxmas Day! What happened to giving each holiday its due respect? I know that Halloween is not in the same category as Thanksgiving or Christmas (some might disagree), but I just wish they would hold off putting Santa next to the Sexy Devil girl display a bit longer.

I don’t know what part of the country you’re in, but here in Miami, Florida, Halloween is not celebrated in the same fashion as when I was a kid, going door to door and throwing eggs at each other, (I would love to be able to get on a hay ride and ride through a scary farm). Its marked with a crappy carnival and an even worse haunted house ride. The kids now go store to store in the malls asking for candy. It saddens my heart that kids today can’t really enjoy Halloween night.

Now to Villain business…

Since I’m the inker, I have the privilege to be a few pages ahead in the story, and let me tell you “THEY KICKS ASS!!” and wait until you see the cover! Stay tuned the best is yet to come.

*Any comments on my rants please feel free to air them out.


Luis Alonso

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