A villainous note from the Editor

Hello VILLAINS! It is I, your very villainous editor here. Are you ready to be let in on some secrets about Legend City’s most loved hero, Galaxy? Who is he and what has he been hiding?

The VILLAIN Team hasn’t been hiding though. We’ve been making our presence known all over California. This past Sunday, the VILLAIN Team was representing at Stockton Con 2013. It was awesome to see our villainous fans and to meet some new VILLAINS. We gave away TWO FREE tickets to the event and four convention sketches to some of the VILLAIN fans. Our next appearance will be at The Fresno Collectors Expo in Fresno, CA on Aug. 17th as one of the show’s special guests. Be sure to stop by and meet our very own, Nathan Gonzales and Larry Haines if you are in the area. It will be a very villainous time, so don’t miss it!

I’ll leave you with one simple question: What skeletons are you hiding in your closet, VILLAINS? *evil laugh*

Shanda Daranouvong