A villainous note from the Editor

Hello, VILLAINS! It’s VILLAIN Friday and we have Page 2 of Eddie Wizard and Pride’s Origin up today. This is the moment where Eddie and Pride choose to become Heroes. Are these two the most heroic heroes in Legend City?

What really defines a “Hero” or a “VILLAIN?” That’s what we do so well. We blur the lines between the two. Many of the VILLAIN fans love Matthew, the VILLAIN of the story. I’ve even heard him called the protagonist of our story. He is the main character, but typically a protagonist is out for the good of everyone. Matthew seems to be out only for his revenge. Has VILLAIN began to redefine what it means to be a protagonist and an antagonist? Oh yes we have and it feels great. Whatever you learned in school doesn’t apply here, so throw those text books out the window, you’re in Legend City now.

Have a villainous weekend!

Shanda Daranouvong