A villainous note from the Artist

Greetings my vile, villainous friends! Today we have the cover for Part One of Galaxy’s origin! Starting with Friday’s update you’re going to learn a whole lot more about the man who was  the champion of Legend City and once it’s greatest hero. Why was he the only one that Matthew let live? It remains to be seen. I hope you all liked Pride and Eddie’s origin story, there will be A LOT more with them in the second half of the first story arc which starts right after Galaxy’s.

This weekend VILLAIN will be at Stockton-Con in Stockton, Ca where I grew up. It should be an awesome homecoming and an awesome show. It’s going to be held at the Stockton Arena this Sunday, August 4th from 10-5. If you are near the area this weekend, come to the show! Check our Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win 2 free tickets to the show and come meet the Villain team! We will be selling prints, ashcans, as well as commissions from myself and our inker Larry Haines. This will be one of your last chances to score the Villain: Ashcan Edition before Issue #1 arrives. VILLAIN will be at booth#88 so come on down and support Villain!

Tobe Daranouvong