A Villainous note from the Artist

Greetings again VILLAINS!! BAM! It’s title page day! This isn’t just  to give credit to ourselves! NO! This is for you readers! Have you been paying close attention to what each issue is titled? We didn’t think so. So here’s a glorious title page in which you looked at for 2 seconds because you already know who puts out the best super villain comic in the galaxy! We also have an updated intro, go check it out if you haven’t seen it. The video blog is not up but will be up soon, it features the world famous VILLAIN raffle featuring the one, the only, the writer, Nathan Gonzales! He can not only craft an amazing story, he will entertain you while you win free stuff! It’s always a party at the Alpha Q Comics booth! Which brings me to:


Alpha Q Comics and VILLAIN will be at the ALL-NEW SAC-CON Sunday, March 1 at the McClellan Conference Center from 10am-6pm! Come on down and grab VILLAIN 1-3. We will have a show special! Buy a t-shirt, Villain issues 1-3 for $30 and if you mention that you came to this page and actually read my blog, you will get a FREE head sketch of a VILLAIN character  from me! Come out and support Indy comics!

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