A Villainous note from the Guest Artist

The Prodigal Son returns!  Well, for a guest cover anyhow!  Your INSIDIOUS INKER draws AGAIN!!  It’s been a wild ride here at the Villain camp!  I’ve been following along like you guys and guess what?!  TOTALLY didn’t see the ex-wife showin’ up in the last scene!  That crazy crying chick from issues past.  Calling Matthew a weak man.  Who’s the man NOW, BITCH!  Do y’all think Matty will be reduced to the crying drinker he USED to be when she confronts him, or will he give her a cure for her headache like he cured Ol’ Pride last month by removing HER head?!?  We’ll have to wait and see what Nathan and Tobe have planned!

On a side note: when you guys come to Sac-Con to see the Villain crew at McClellan this Sunday, stop by MY booth and say “Hi!!”.  I’ll be there selling prints and doing commissions too!!!

Larry Haines


Alpha Q Comics and VILLAIN will be at the ALL-NEW SAC-CON Sunday, March 1 at the McClellan Conference Center from 10am-6pm! Come on down and grab VILLAIN 1-3. We will have a show special! Buy a t-shirt, Villain issues 1-3 for $30 and if you mention that you came to this page and actually read my blog, you will get a FREE head sketch of a VILLAIN character  from me! Come out and support Indy comics!

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