A Villainous note from the Editor

     Namaste, VILLAINS!! It’s VILLAIN Wednesday and we’re taking you to jail today!! Behind these bars at Stall Island Penitentiary, Matthew has the Inventor right where he wants him. He’s snuck up on him and is asking questions. We all know what a scum bag the Inventor is and he’s going to get what’s coming to him.

Don’t forget, VILLAINS!! The VILLAIN Team will be getting live in Stockton, CA, at Stockton Con, Aug. 8-9, so don’t miss it!! We’ll also be wrapping up August in Chico, CA at Chico Con, Aug. 29!! The VILLAIN Team is making this Summer Sizzle VILLAIN style!! Can’t make it to CA?? Watch our live periscope broadcasts by following us on Twitter!! You don’t want to miss these conventions!! Tell your friends to be there too!!

Shanda Daranouvong

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